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Standards for Natal Horoscopes

In the Tropical System

1. The personality and physical appearance of the individual shall agree with the zodiacal sign on the Ascendant....especially the behavior and the face. It must be stressed that this is one of the most basic tenets of astrology. In general the first house rules the personality, the physical body and very specifically the head. The seventh house rules your spouse. If your spouse's astrological signature does not match the sign on your seventh house cusp, why?
2. Every planet shall be checked that it correctly affects the house(domain) it is in. Planets close to boundaries between houses are especially important, because their influence can only be in one house and not the other.
3. Appropriate day for a year progressed aspects in either longitude or declination will coincide with every significant event in the life of the individual. A minimum of three major dated events shall be checked and found to be in agreement but the more the better. The key aspects shall be within an arc of 04' to an angle or a point. Yes, that's 4 minutes of arc. For progressed declinations and outer planet aspects the orb should be considerably less. At least one of the progressed aspects checked shall include the natal or progressed Ascendant or Midheaven.
4. Using the Placidus house system, if intercepted houses are present, the intercepted sign-in-house axis will be found to match the vocation or strong avocation of the individual.
5. The overall horoscope shall fit the subject exactly, with no lingering doubts or exceptions.

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