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Brief descriptions of the software used for calculating Spiritual Birth horoscopes

Incarn 2
Windows Version 2.1

     Incarn 2 has undergone a face lift. There are differences in appearance and in the way the program works. All of the ease of use features are retained. Now updated to MS Visual Basic 2010.

Incarn 2
Windows Version 2.1

     This is a new version of the original INCARN© software. The new version has a full graphical user interface. It is only necessary to open the program once to perform multiple calculations. It is also possible to save calculated charts and chart entry data as simple text files. A new feature, Export Chart Data, has been added to V2.1. This enables users to export chart data in the ".QCK" format.

    Incarn2 includes the full planetary calculation routines developed by John Willner. The most important part of the software is the routine for quickly and easily computing the possible spiritual birth times for any six hour time period. While not the only way to determine a spiritual birth time it is by far the easiest and fastest method.

    The software calculates and displays planetary longitudes, declinations and latitudes and house cusp longitudes and declinations to an accuracy of tenths of a second of arc.  Secondary progressions, solar returns and standard horoscopes can also be calculated with Incarn2.

See more about Incarn2.

Download a free Demo Zip file (360k).

Kepler Logo ©

Solar Fire Logo ©

    Kepler V6 and SolarFire v5.1 both have good search routines which enable the user to quickly and easily verify Spiritual Birth Charts. You must use the Naibod arc by Right Ascention method for secondary progressions.

    Depending upon which program you have you should create two special wheels. A single wheel with data table showing the natal planets sign's, longitude and declination. The second wheel should be a bi-wheel with two data boxes. Inner wheel shows natal chart, outer wheel shows secondary progressed chart.
     The user should create a custom aspect set including the following aspects: 0°, 15°, 22°30', 30°, 45°, 60°, 67°30', 75°, 90°, 105°, 112°30', 120°, 135°, 150°, 157°30' and 165° degrees. Parallels and Contra-Parallels of declination must be also used. Set the orbs to 5' of arc.

*Note: Winstar V2.05 cannot be used for verifing charts. It does not allow the user to progress charts using the Naibod arc by Right Ascention method.


Declination Aspect Calculator is a free program written in Visual Basic. It calculates minor aspect angles from a declination entered in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds.

If you enter 5° 30' 30" the program will show you the following aspects.

Your entry plus 15 degrees = 20 30' 30"
Your entry minus 15 degrees = 9 20' 30"

Your entry plus 22 degrees, 30 minutes = 20 00' 30"
Your entry minus 22 degrees, 30 minutes = -16 59' 30"

Your entry plus 30 degrees = 35 30' 30"
Your entry minus 30 degrees - 24 29' 30"

Your entry plus 45 degrees = 50 30' 30"
Your entry minus 45 degrees = -39 29' 30"

Download the Declination Aspect Calculator(72k).

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