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Commonly asked questions and some general information about
Spiritual Birth Astrology

1. What is "spiritual birth"?

    In some of his readings Edgar Casey described the overall birth process. The soul oversees the birth process. For any given location on the earth's surface there are a number of exact times that the spiritual birth can occur during any one day. With guidance from the Universal Mind, the soul chooses one of these exact times of day that the spirit or "life force" can enter the body of the unborn child. Each of these times for one location presents the soul with a different astrological chart. One time and the chart that it produces are selected prior to the physical birth. At this exact instant in time the spirit enters the physical plane of existence. This time always precedes the physical birth. On average the spiritual birth is about one hour and forty minutes before the physical birth. This is however only an average. The precise time is a matter of exact calculation. During the physical birth process the soul is nearby and observing. Sometime in the next twenty-four hours the soul itself enters physical reality and the body of the recently born child.

2. What is "physical birth"?

    It is the time when the child exits the womb and enters the world as an independent living entity. Timing this event with accuracy is difficult. Exactly what is used as the criteria for physical birth? Numerous ideas have been put forth. "First breath" is currently popular. This "time" is used in common natal astrology. If known, the nearest whole minute is used. Locations for physical births are usually found in an atlas that gives center city longitudes and latitudes in degrees and minutes of arc.

3. Why a Spiritual Birth Chart?

    Because the longitudes of the planets do not change significantly between the spiritual birth and the physical birth, physical birth charts do seem to have some validity. However, their ability to meet the five basic standards for checking the accuracy of a chart has never been found. Many astrologers are satisfied with orbs of one degree or more when checking transits, progressions and directions. This however is careless. When translated into time this range can easily be one or more years. Furthermore with in-exact locations and times, fixing transits, progressions and directions to the angles and intermediate house cusps is not consistent or in some cases existent. A simple check for many charts is the marriage date. The Ascendant/Descendant axis or a planet in the seventh house must be activated by a secondary progression on the marriage date. Approximately 80% of spiritual birth charts tested have the Ascendant/Descendant axis activated by secondary progressions. The remaining 20% have shown planets in the seventh house activated. In some cases both a planet in the seventh house and the ASC/DSC axis are activated. This is a basic astrological tenant.

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