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Class for Spiritual Birth certification

*Please Note: Starting 2006 classes are not available. Classes may resume in the future.

Earn your Spiritual Birth Astrologer Certificate

Class structure and information:

Classes to be held in north central Florida.

Class size will be limited to eight people.

The instruction will require one whole day of classroom work. (Approx. 11 - 12 hours with breaks)

Instructions will include:

Proper use of the Incarn2 software.

Proper use of search routines.

How to properly apply the Standards for determining the correct Spiritual Birth Time.

Included materials:

1 Copy of John Willner's The Rising Sign Problem

1 Copy of John Willner's The Perfect Horoscope

Included services:

The primary instruction will be in calculating and determining the attending students Spiritual Birth Charts. If time permits additional charts may be used as examples.

The above numbered certificate of completion will be presented to each student who successfully demonstates the ability to properly determine a Spiritual Birth Time.

The primary tool of the Spiritual Birth Astrologer, Incarn2 , will be available, at a discount, to all students who successfully complete the coursework.

Students are required to provide the following:

A good working knowledge of basic and advanced astrological principals.

Thier own birth data, including accurate birth latitude and longitude. *Note: This means precision to the second of arc.

A list of at least three dated events of significance to the student, eight to ten is ideal. Dates must include day, month, year.

Any and all note taking materials, including tapes and recorders.

Your own meals and snacks.

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