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Tecumseh's Curse

by Fred Bickum MAFA

    Last year during the AFA conference in Las Vegas (July 2000) I was involved in a few and overheard many discussions about the upcoming presidential elections. My friend John and I had both done the verified charts of the two most likely candidates and determined that George W. Bush would win the election by virtue of his having the most favorable secondary progressions. I said to John "You know John this is one of those zero years. But of course President Reagan seems to have broken the string of presidents dying in office." I knew that John was compiling the data for and writing a book about the presidents. I asked him "John, have you done the presidents verified charts yet and do you have all the data (times and locations)?" He said, "Yes. I have them all just about completed." "If you wouldn't mind giving me the data I think it would be a good idea to see if there isn't some type of astrological indicator connected to the zero year phenomena." If I remember correctly the first time I heard the phenomena referred to as Tecumseh's curse was at the convention. Since I was busy with numerous other things at that time it took a while until I was able to undertake this project. Here is what I found.

    Interestingly enough Tecumseh's curse isn't Tecumseh's. After Tecumseh's death, Tenskwatawa, Tecumseh's brother, initiated the curse. He was known as "The Prophet" and was a respected preacher of the Shawnee people.

    Tenskwatawa said, " 'Harrison will not win this year to be the Great Chief. But he may win next time. (In 1836 Harrison was one of three presidential candidates of the splintered Whig Party, but he lost the election to Democrat Martin Van Buren.) If he does...He will not finish his term. He will die in his office.'
    'No president has ever died in office,' declared a visitor.
    'But Harrison will die I tell you. And when he dies you will remember my brother Tecumseh's death. You think that I have lost my powers. I who caused the sun to darken and Red Men to give up firewater. But I tell you Harrison will die. And after him, every Great Chief chosen every 20 years thereafter will die. And when each one dies, let everyone remember the death of our people.' "

    This is "The Curse of the Prophet."

    So far the results have been as follows.
Harrison, elected in 1840, died of pneumonia after serving 31 days in office.
Lincoln, elected in 1860, assassinated.
Garfield, elected in 1880, assassinated.
McKinley, elected to a second term in 1900,assassinated.
Harding, elected in 1920, died of a heart attack in 1923.
Roosevelt, elected to a third term in 1940, died of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1945.
Kennedy, elected in 1960, assassinated.
Reagan, elected in 1980, survived an assassination attempt.

    The deaths in office roughly coincide with the transiting Jupiter Saturn conjunction cycles.
    Here is a listing of those conjunctions from 1762 until 2060.
    The long term transiting cycle lasts about 800 years, flowing through the elements from Fire, to Earth, to Air, to Water.
    *Note: Aspects shown below are only for one degree or less orb.
    03-18-1762 @ 12^21'
    11-05-1782 @ 28f07'
    07-17-1802 @ 05c08'
    06-19-1821 @ 24^39'
        This conjunction was Square (270) Harrison's natal Mars @ 24 a13' in the fourth house.
    01-26-1842 @ 08g54' Harrison, died April 4, 1841 pneumonia
        This conjunction did not aspect Harrison's natal chart.
    10-21-1861 @ 18 c 22' Lincoln, shot in the head, April 14, 1865, died April 15, 1865
        This conjunction was "Semi-Quincunx" (285) Lincoln's natal Saturn @ 3 f 08' in the eighth house.
    04-18-1881 @ 01 _ 36' Garfield, shot in the chest, July 2, 1881, died of infection September 19, 1881
        This conjunction was "New Aspect" (255) Garfield's natal North Node @ 16 b 12' in the 12th house.
    11-28-1901 @ 14 g 00' McKinley, shot twice September 6, 1901, died of gangrene September 13, 1901
        This conjunction did not aspect McKinley 's natal chart.
    09-09-1921 @ 26 c 36' Harding, died August 2, 1923 from a heart attack
        This conjunction did not aspect Harding 's natal chart.
    08-07-1940 @ 14 _ 27' Roosevelt, died April 12, 1945 from a cerebral hemorrhage
        This conjunction was Semi-Sextile (30) Roosevelt 's natal MC @ 14 ^ 30'.
    10-19-1940 @ 12 _ 28'Rx
    02-15-1941 @ 09 _ 07'
    02-18-1961 @ 25 g 12' Kennedy, shot in the head, died November 22, 1963
        This conjunction did not aspect Kennedy 's natal chart.
    12-31-1980 @ 09 d 30' Reagan, shot in the chest, March 30, 1981, he survives a collapsed lung and surgery then continues as President
        This conjunction did not aspect Reagan 's natal chart.
    03-04-1981 @ 08 d 06'Rx
    07-23-1981 @ 04 d 56'
    05-28-2000 @ 22 _ 43' G. W. Bush elected as President 11-07-2000
        This conjunction did not aspect Bush 's natal chart.
    12-21-2020 @ 00 h 29'
    10-31-2040 @ 17 d 56'
    04-07-2060 @ 00 ` 46'

    Excepting President Reagan, for each president elected there was a Jupiter Saturn conjunction in an Earth sign that either did or would occur during that presidential term. In 1802 there was a conjunction in an Earth sign and then in 1821 the last conjunction in a Fire sign, before President Harrison was elected.
    At the other end of this part of the long-term cycle, the conjunction of 1980 fell in an Air sign, just before the attempt on President Reagan's life. A general breakdown of the dates finds four of eight deaths with the Sun in Aries and five of eight with the Sun in a Mars ruled sign. Also there are there are five of eight with the Sun in Cardinal signs.

    The causes of death according to Rex Bills' The Rulership Book.
Harrison dies of pneumonia, Gemini and Mercury. The Sun is in Aries.
Lincoln dies from a head shot, Aries and Mars. The Sun is in Aries.
Garfield dies from a massive internal infection caused by the lack of sterile procedures, common at that time. He might possibly have survived the gunshot had not the doctors probed his wound with unsterilized fingers and instruments. An autopsy after his death revealed a cyst forming around the bullet that was lodged inside of him. Infections are Mars ruled. This is an abdominal infection with the Sun in Virgo.
McKinley was shot twice. One bullet struck him in the chest but didn't penetrate, the second entered the abdominal cavity piercing the stomach. He died as a result of gangrene of both the walls of the stomach and pancreas. Infections are Mars ruled. This is an abdominal infection with the Sun in Virgo.
Harding dies from a heart attack while the transiting Sun is in Leo. Uranus rules the heart valves. Heart weakness or irregularities are Aquarius, Leo and the Sun.
Roosevelt died of a cerebral hemorrhage. Aries and Mars rule the head and hemorrhages. The transiting Sun is in Aries.
Kennedy dies from a head shot, Aries and Mars. The Sun is in Scorpio.
Reagan suffers a gunshot to the chest similar to Garfield. The advances in medicine over the last 100 years almost guarantee a full and complete recovery, which in fact occurs. President Reagan completes this term and is re-elected and serves another full four years. The Sun is in Aries. Prior to the attempt on President Reagan's life the Jupiter Saturn conjunction is in an Air sign.

    The questions need to be asked. Does the Jupiter Saturn conjunction pattern moving into Air signs signal an end to presidential deaths in office? Will the country once more face the ordeal of its chief executive passing in office? Is there an astrological "signature" that would explain these deaths? To adequately answer these questions absolute accuracy is needed. What kind of accuracy, you might ask? The exact location and time for the presidents' charts is needed. What exactly would I look for as being significant for either murder or death? Which indicators would you seek?

    Do you think transiting squares to or from Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus would be prominent? How about eclipses, do they indicate this kind of activity? Certainly the ascendant or mid-heaven or fourth or eighth houses should be activated. In cases involving health related deaths the sixth house should also be included. Secondary progressions are my principal tool. Secondary progressions are very personal, after all they are derived from the individual's chart. And with an exact verified horoscope they denote the timing and type of life's passing challenges and events. Many people are fans of Solar Arc Directions. In many cases they are evident in these events. Solar arc directions are derived from the secondary progressed Sun.

    William Henry Harrison Chart was born in Berkeley, Va., Lat. 37N32' 39" Long. 77W20'25" Feb. 9th, 1773. His physical birth time was in the morning. His spiritual birth time was 9:06:49 AM EST or 8:57 AM True Local Time. "Spiritual Birth Time", what is that? Good question. "That" is the time the spirit enters the body of the unborn child, according to Edgar Cayce and also according to John Willner, my friend from the start of this article. And by now, also according to me. A few of you may be aware, or perhaps have heard of this seemingly esoteric information. I assure you that many more astrologers will know about Spiritual Birth Times in the near future. By the way Spiritual Birth Times are NOT rectified physical birth times. They are the result of a very precise calculation. These times produce "Perfect Horoscopes", as exact in time as currently available programming allows. All the following president's charts were done utilizing this method. All charts were verified by checking at least three, often more, actual dated events against secondary progressions. The orbs of the secondary progressions are four minutes of arc or less. At least one dated event coincided with an aspect involving the ascendant or mid-heaven. This method has been used hundreds of times and has always produced an exact chart. As noted above, President Harrison died shortly after assuming the duties of office. These are the astrological indicators at the time of his passing, April 4, 1841.

Primary aspects are in either longitude or parallel of declination, orb four minutes or less.
PRO = Secondary Progression
ARC = Solar Arc
TRAN = Transiting

PRO Ascendant @ N 2327' Contra-parallel NATAL MC @ S 2324'. The ascendant is the native's physical body in appearance, condition and personality. The progressed Ascendant is at a critical phase. It is about to change direction. In this case the direction change happens exactly on the day of the native's passing. In other words the progressed Ascendant's declination is at a critical phase. A change in a declination's direction is equivalent in some ways to a planetary station. This change happens at a precise time, just like a Stationary Direct or Stationary Retrograde by transit or progression. It is when a planet or angle reaches its maximum degree of declination and then will start to decrease by degree. A difference of less than two seconds for the Spiritual Birth alters the time that the secondary progression direction change occurs. When translated into calendar time this change equals many days.

PRO Sun @ N 1107' Parallel PRO Saturn @ N1101'
    This parallel is wide of the four minute orb allowance, but since the Sun was increasing in declination the parallel was in orb (early March, 1841) when President Harrison contracted the cold that led to the pneumonia that ultimately took his life.

PRO Mars @ 2b 45'07" is just past the Semi-Square (315) to NATAL Neptune @ 17c 40'35" which also would be a good indicator of susceptibility to an infectious disease. Mars was increasing in longitude, it was therefore within orb at the time he contracted the cold.

ARC MC @ 11i40'13" Quincunx (150) NATAL North Node @ 11d 39'19" This is a sixth house quincunx, in other words a quincunx of 150 degrees. That is the relationship between the first house, physical body and the sixth house, physical health.

Lunar Eclipse @ 17a 14' on 1-7-1841, no aspects within 4 minute orb.

Solar Eclipse @ 2 h 36' on 1-22-1841, Sesquiquadrate (135) NATAL Neptune in the sixth house @ 17 c 40'35" and by progression opposes PRO Mars @ 2 b 45'07". Secondary progression of the Solar Eclipse by quick mental calculation adds about six minutes of arc per month to the degree of the eclipse. That puts the eclipse in orb of both Mars and Neptune by the beginning of March 1841, the time President Harrison contracted his cold. Mars would be both the fever associated with pneumonia and the square would be indicative of misdirected physical energy. President Harrison was not suitably dressed during his inauguration speech and it was a very cold day in Washington, D.C. This led to his contracting a cold that eventually turned into pneumonia. Neptune, of course, would be associated with the drowning affect of pneumonia, fluid filling the lungs. This is a particularly good example for the need of a verified chart, because natal Neptune is in the sixth house, that of health.

There are no transiting aspects within four minutes of orb.

    Note: Due to time constraints I did not check every chart for progressed or transiting midpoints. Perhaps somewhere in the reading audience there is a programmer who could add to an existing astrology program the ability to do a search involving transiting midpoints to a natal chart and transits to natal midpoints for a specified time window, say a week or less. As a search option it would be great to have the ability to do the same type of search for progressions and solar arcs.

For this specific chart I did a quick check and found that the transiting Moon/Saturn midpoint would conjunct the eighth house cusp @ 15e 30' sometime in the late evening of April 4, 1841. This is a telling transiting midpoint because there is a stellium consisting of Saturn, Neptune and the Moon intercepted in Virgo, in the natal sixth house with the Moon ruling the fourth and Saturn ruling the tenth. From Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences for the Moon/Saturn combination under biological correspondence: "Chronic disturbances of the water balance in the body, defects of the mucous membrane, mainly watery ones."

    Abraham Lincoln Chart was born in Hardin County, Kentucky, Lat. 37N32'53" Long. 85W47'44" Feb 12th, 1809. His physical birth time was in the morning. His spiritual birth time was 9:27:35 AM CST or 9:44:02 AM True Local Time. President Lincoln was shot late in the evening of April 14, 1865 and died early the next morning, April 15, 1865.

PRO Sun @ N 739' Contra-parallel NATAL Mercury @ S 737'. Natal Mercury, in the 11th, is conjunct Natal Pluto in the 12th, which in turn is conjunct the 12th cusp. Mercury rules the second and sixth houses. Pluto rules the intercepted sign Scorpio in the seventh.

PRO Ascendant @ N 2326' Once again the progressed Ascendant is at a critical phase. It is at the peak of declination about to change direction. Is this a pattern starting to emerge?

PRO Moon @ 21 h 07'00" Sesquiquadrate (135) NATAL North Node @ 6 e 05'52". The Moon rules the natal fourth house and the natal North Node is in the seventh house.

ARC Saturn @ 29 g 05'34" Square (270) NATAL Ascendant @ 29 ^ 04'03". This is a square that probably needs little in the way of an explanation. ARC Saturn is in the tenth and rules the 10th and the Moon in Capricorn, which in turn rules the fourth (end of the matter).

Lunar Eclipse @ 21 d 18' on 4-10-1865, no aspects within 4 minute orb.

Solar Eclipse @ 7 e 29' on 10-30-1864, no aspects within 4 minute orb.

Solar Eclipse @ 5 _ 21' on 4-25-1865, no aspects within 4 minute orb.

There are no transiting aspects within four minutes of orb.

    James A. Garfield Chart was born in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Lat. 41N25'51" Long. 81W26'43" early in the morning of Nov 19th, 1831. The Spiritual Birth always precedes the physical birth time and can do so by up to about four and one half hours. In the case of President Garfield this earlier time moves the Spiritual Birth to late evening of the previous day at 11:03:35 PM EST or 10:35:36 PM TLT, Nov 18th, 1831. Since there was a considerable period of time between the shooting and the death I have included aspects for both events.

Shooting July 2, 1881

PRO Mercury @ S 1915' Parallel NATAL Sun @ S 1918'. Here the Sun rules the Ascendant and with NATAL Mercury is in the fourth house.

PRO Neptune @ S 2049' Parallel NATAL Mercury @ S 2048'. Natal and progressed Neptune are both in the sixth house. One of the principal reasons for President Garfield's death was the inability, by doctors, to locate exactly where the bullet was lodged. The subsequent probing to determine the exact path the bullet followed caused death due to extreme internal infection from the use of unsterilized instruments and fingers.

PRO MC @ N 2324'. This time it is the progressed MC that is approaching the critical degree. It is reaching towards its maximum northern declination.

PRO MC @ 26 ` 08'52" Quincunx (210) NATAL Sun @ 26 e 07'00". This is the waning quincunx and has the same relationship as the first to the eighth house, the physical body and death.

ARC Ascendant @ 8 d 48'48" Opposite NATAL Pluto @ 8 ^ 51'17". This is also equivalent to the progressed Descendant conjunct natal Pluto. This is a powerful confrontation with an open adversary.

ARC Pluto @ 29_ 18'11" Opposite NATAL Mercury @ 29e 24'10". At the time of the shooting this aspect is a bit too early to be within the allowable four minute orb. As solar arc Pluto continues its movement it becomes exact in August at about the time President Garfield was moved to the place where he spent his final days.

TRAN Sun @ 11a 07'00" Sesquiquadrate (225) NATAL Sun @ 26e 07'00". This transiting aspect would have formed on the day of the shooting. The natal Sun is in the natal fourth house and rules the Ascendant.

TRAN Pluto @ 28_ 46'57" Sesquiquadrate (135) NATAL Venus @ 13d 47'40". Transiting Pluto is in the natal tenth house and natal Venus rules the tenth house.

TRAN Pluto @ 28_ 46'57" New Aspect (105) NATAL Saturn @ 13c 50'32". Transiting Pluto is in the natal tenth house and natal Saturn rules the sixth house.

Death September 19, 1881

PRO Neptune @ S 2049' Parallel NATAL Mercury @ S 2048'. Since progressed Neptune moves so very slowly its declination has barely changed in two and a half months.

PRO MC @ N 2325'. By now the progressed MC has reached the critical degree. It stands near its maximum northern declination and is ready to decrease.

TRAN Jupiter @ N 1809' Contra-parallel NATAL Uranus @ S 1808'. Transiting Jupiter is in the natal 10th house, natal Uranus is in the sixth and co-rules the seventh. Traditionally Jupiter rules doctors. The Hippocratic oath is definitely Sagittarius. This is a good example of a contra-parallel showing the interaction between the inner self, south declination, and the outer world, in this case the medical profession. Even Alexander Graham Bell was called in to consult. He used a primitive metal detector in an effort to locate the bullet.

TRAN North Node @ S 2218' Parallel PRO Mars @ S 2219'. Progressed Mars is in the natal fourth house and rules the progressed fourth house.

Lunar Eclipse @ 6` 45' on 5-27-1881, no aspects within 4 minute orb.

Solar Eclipse @ 21f 23' on 6-12-1881, no aspects within 4 minute orb.

    William McKinley Chart was born in Niles, Ohio, Lat. 41N11'36" Long. 80W42'13" on the morning of Jan 29th, 1843. His spiritual birth time was 1:49:33 AM EST or 1:25:01 AM True Local Time. President McKinley was shot September 6, 1901 and died, September 13, 1901. While there is a difference of seven days between the shooting and the death of President McKinley the slowness of most progressions covers this time span with the exception of the progressed Moon. The secondary progressed Moon moves quickly enough that on average the four minute orb is exceeded in about two calendar days. Therefore I have included only data from September 13.

PRO Moon @ 14i 52'46" Semi-Sextile (330) PRO Mars @ 14^ 49'15". Here the Moon squares Mars, the co-ruler of the ascendant. The Moon rules the stomach and Mars rules firearms.

PRO Mercury @ 14i 23'12" Quindecile (165) PRO Neptune @ 29d 24'19". The quindecile aspect is a multiple of 15 degrees, 11 times 15 in this case. The perhaps little understood or researched odd multiples of 15, the waxing 15, 75, 105, 165 and the waning 195, 255, 285, 335 aspects are frequently found supporting the events of many natives. From an article in The Mountain Astrologer, Issue # 76, Dec/Jan 1997/98 pp.60, Noel Tyl's descriptive keywords for this aspect are disruption, separation, upheaval and obsession. Mercury rules President McKinley's eighth house. The progressed Mercury is in the fourth house having just received a conjunction from the progressed Moon about 10 days before his passing.

PRO Ascendant @ S 2322' is just past the critical maximum declination.

ARC Mars @ 16g 41'26" Sextile (60) NATAL Ascendant @ 16e 45'20". Here again the Ascendant is contacted and by its co-ruler.

Lunar Eclipse @ 12e 36' on 5-01-1901. By progressing this eclipse to the day of the shooting the Moon's degree becomes 16e 42' conjunct natal Ascendant @ 16e 45' 20". A lunar eclipse is an opposition. It takes on the nature of a first seventh house relationship and this eclipse falls across President McKinley's Ascendant/Descendant axis. This eclipse is certainly an indicator of an open confrontation with another person of an intense, one on one nature.

Solar Eclipse @ 26_ 34' on 5-18-1901, no aspects within 4 minute orb.

There are no transiting aspects within four minutes of orb.

    Warren G. Harding Chart was born in (Corsica) which is now called Blooming Grove, Ohio, Lat. 40N42'01" Long. 82W41'52" around noon of Nov 2nd, 1865. His spiritual birth time was 10:05:25 AM CST or 10:34 AM True Local Time. President Harding died August 2, 1923 from a heart attack. Since President Harding died from natural causes the expected astrological correspondences should be more in line with issues regarding health.

PRO Sun @ S 2310' Parallel PRO Venus @ S 2307' Parallel PRO Jupiter @ S 2306'. The progressed Sun is the ruler of the progressed sixth house, progressed Venus is the ruler of the progressed eighth house and progressed Jupiter is the ruler of the natal Ascendant and co-ruler of the progressed Ascendant. All three planets are approaching maximum declination. In this example three important houses are involved. The sixth for physical health, the ascendant for the physical body and the eighth for death are tied together.

In this case the NATAL Ascendant is @ S 2327' and is approaching its maximum declination. It is also Parallel NATAL Jupiter @ S 2322'. The Ascendant would have reached maximum at about the age of 14 months. Perhaps an infant ailment affected his heart in a way not understood nor detected in the 1860's. President Harding did have a heart "condition" prior to the heart attack.

PRO Jupiter @ 10g 05'40" Sextile (60) PRO Saturn @ 10e 07'58". This progressed aspect is of course a long time in calendar days from becoming exact but is most likely indicative of a slowly deteriorating physical condition. In the natal chart Capricorn is intercepted in the first house, so in essence Saturn becomes a co-ruler of the first house. Saturn is also associated with chronic long-term deterioration.

Another interesting point is shown by PRO Venus @ N 115' Parallel NATAL Uranus @ N 115'. This aspect is formed in Geographical Latitude. Geographical Latitude is similar to declination but is based on the plane of the ecliptic rather than the earth's equator. Parallels and Contra-parallels form in the same manner as declinations. The chief difference between the two systems is the fact that the Sun as well as the angles are always at zero degrees. I included this Geographical Latitude because progressed Venus rules the progressed eighth house.

There are no aspects formed by Solar Arc, within four minutes of orb.

Lunar Eclipse @ 10d 47' on 4-01-1923, no aspects within 4 minute orb.

Solar Eclipse @ 25^ 15' on 4-16-1923. This time it is the waning Quindecile (205) aspect that forms to the NATAL Sun @ 10e 16'43" and falls in the natal fourth house.

There are no transiting aspects within four minutes of orb.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt Chart was born in Hyde Park, New York, Lat. 41N46'24" Long. 73W55'25" in the late afternoon of Jan 30th, 1882. His spiritual birth time was 4:09:09 PM EST or 4:14:10 PM True Local Time. President Roosevelt died April 12, 1945 from a cerebral hemorrhage.

PRO Sun @ N 535' Parallel NATAL Uranus @ N 531'. I am not a medical doctor but if I am correct the type of hemorrhage that took the president's life might also be called a stroke. Strokes are ruled by Uranus and here Uranus is also the ruler of the Sun. Blood circulation is ruled by Aquarius.

PRO Saturn @ N 1319' Contra-parallel NATAL Mercury @ S 1322'. Natal Mercury rules the natural third house and in this chart the Virgo ruled natal third house. The natal third house holds both Uranus, the Sun's ruler and the progressed Ascendant.

PRO Moon @ 17d 59'25" Semi-Sextile (30) NATAL Uranus @ 17c 55'43". This aspect is one about which little is written and about which even less is truly known. Is it really half of a sextile and does it take on shades of meaning similar to the Sextile? Or is it more like a junior Quincunx and does it take its meaning from that more difficult aspect? I suspect that it is likely the latter, because two adjacent signs share no point of commonality. This quandary shows the need for further research. But research must be done with verified charts and tight orbs. The progressed Moon is in the "end of the matter" natal fourth and is aspecting the Sun's ruler. This aspect would have been exact approximately two days before the president's passing. It might well be the "trigger" that signaled the onset of the hemorrhage.

ARC Moon @ 7c 12'33" Square NATAL North Node @ 7f 08'48". This combination denotes a conflict at the level of the soul.

ARC Mercury @ 0_ 09'04" Square (270) NATAL Ascendant @ 0b 08'57". Arc Mercury is in the natal tenth house. As already mention Mercury rules the natural third house and in this chart the Virgo ruled natal third house. The natal third house holds both Uranus and the progressed Ascendant. The link between the Ascendant, Mid-heaven and Uranus are once more established and in this case with an orb of only seven seconds.

TRAN Jupiter @ N 542'42" Parallel NATAL MC @ N 543'30". Is this the spirit's release? Might this signify the final journey into the great beyond.

TRAN Mars @ 14i 33'28" Semi-Sextile (330) NATAL MC @ 14^ 30'48". Once again the junior Quincunx shows himself. Is this the celestial warrior opening the door to the spiritual realm? I think that this aspect coupled with the one above definitely shows the imminent departure of what was perhaps, by this time, a weary traveler. Mars rules the MC and has just moved into the natal ninth house of journeys.

Lunar Eclipse @ 7a 47' on 12-29-1944, no aspects within 4 minute orb.

Solar Eclipse @ 23g 41' on 1-14-1945, no aspects within 4 minute orb.

While there are no aspects from this eclipse pattern, the eclipses did fall in the Cancer-Capricorn interception in the sixth house (physical health)/twelfth house axis.

    John F. Kennedy Chart was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, Lat. 42N20'55" Long. 71W07'18" in the late evening of May 29th, 1917. His spiritual birth time was 9:56:02 PM EST or 10:13:15 PM True Local Time. President Kennedy died Nov 22, 1963 from gunshots to the head.

PRO Mars @ N 2326' Contra-parallel PRO MC @ S 2324'. This aspect brings into sharp focus the contra-parallel aspect. With Mars nearing the maximum point north and the midheaven nearing the maximum point south this becomes not only an opposition but also an opposition at the extremes. Contra-parallels are not exactly like oppositions in longitude, because they can form anywhere in the range of declination from just seconds of arc up to 23 degrees 27 minutes *. And contra-parallels are not seperative in nature, rather they show an interaction between the inner, south declination and the outer, north declination. Additionally Mars is the co-ruler of the natal MC.

* The Moon, Mercury, Mars may reach a declination of 27, and on rare occasions Venus may reach 28.

ARC Uranus @ 8^ 05'45" Semi-Square (315) NATAL Jupiter @ 23_ 06'52". Uranus, sudden and seemingly inexplicable events, is the ruler of the intercepted Aquarius in the first house and aspects Jupiter in the fourth house. Jupiter rules the natal 12th house, which holds the progressed mid-heaven. Again the ascendant, fourth and 10th houses are tied together.

ARC Neptune @ 17c 03'23" Square (90) NATAL Venus @ 17` 05'59". Solar arc Neptune is in the natal eighth house, natal Venus is in the fifth. Venus rules the fourth and the ninth. So Neptune, that which is hidden, illusive and not well thought out contacts the ruler of journeys from the house of death. Although much has been said about the clear dome not being in place on the presidential limousine it was not bullet proof. The dome's purpose was to provide a cover from inclement weather. However, much was said about the advisability of a motorcade at that time.

TRAN Mars @ 20f 41'02" Square (90) NATAL Moon @ 20c 41'02". This aspect became exact at 5:40 PM CST. Mars rules the natal midheaven while the Moon rules the natal seventh and is in the natal eighth house. While this transit would happen about every two years it would not coincide with the same factors present at the time of the assassination.

Lunar Eclipse @ 14g 01' on 7-6-1963, no aspects within 4 minute orb.

Solar Eclipse @ 27a 24'09" on 7-20-1963. Once again the eclipse patterns are falling across the natal Ascendant/Descendant axis. This time the Solar Eclipse @ 27a 24'09" forms a waning Sesquiquadrate (225) to the NATAL MC @ 12e 23'15". The Solar Eclipse formed just past and beyond four minutes orb to the natal Saturn in the seventh house @ 27a 11'23".

    Ronald Reagan Chart was born in Tampico, Illinois, Lat. 41N37'58" Long. 89W46'13" in the late morning of Feb. 6th, 1911. His spiritual birth time was 8:56:36 AM CST or 8:57:00 AM True Local Time. President Reagan survived an assassination attempt March 30, 1981.

PRO Ascendant @ N 2327' Contra-parallel NATAL MC @ S 2327'. Here the progressed Ascendant is just past the critical degree aspecting the natal MC that is almost exactly at its maximum southerly declination. Once again this is a Contra-parallel at the extremes.

PRO Neptune @ N 2131' Contra-parallel NATAL Mercury @ S 2130'. Both natal and progressed Neptune are in the natal fourth house and progressed Neptune is in the progressed first house. Mercury rules the lungs and in the natal chart the intercepted sign Virgo in the sixth house. In their haste to remove President Reagan from the scene of the attempted assassination his Secret Service personal didn't realize at first that he had been shot.

PRO Pluto @ N 1655' Parallel NATAL Moon @ N 1656'. The Moon rules the natal fourth house. Here Pluto presents its strong recuperative power to the native. Had this parallel been in southern declination the outcome would have been very different.

PRO South Node @ N 1449' Parallel NATAL Jupiter @ N 1448'. The progressed South Node is in the natal seventh house and natal Jupiter is in Scorpio and in the eighth house. Does this represent a deeply rooted karmic ability to heal oneself, drawn from great reserves of strength? President Reagan was not a young man at time he was wounded, being just past his 70th birthday. Yet his recovery was very fast and without complications. I know many people wondered if his still, at that time, completely black hair was natural or the product of an expert dye job.

PRO Mercury @ 15_ 47'36" New Aspect (15) NATAL Saturn @ 00_ 50'01". I do not know what name might be assigned to this aspect. It is in the same series of multiples of 15 degrees as the Quindecile. The progressed Mercury rules the progressed fourth and the intercepted Virgo in the natal sixth house while natal Saturn is in the natal first and rules the natal tenth house. With natal Mercury in the sign of Capricorn this is an indication of good health into old age. President Reagan is now 90 years old and in good physical condition, although his mental capacity is diminishing due to Altzheimer's disease.

PRO Neptune @ 18a 51'05" Sesquiquadrate (135) NATAL Venus @ 3i 53'56". As above both natal and progressed Neptune are in the natal fourth house and progressed Neptune is in the progressed first house. Natal Venus is in the twelfth house. It may be more proper to look at the would be assassin's chart but according to the news given at the time the reason for the assassination attempt was to make the president a martyr for love. The 135 Sesquiquadrate has the relationship of the ascendant to the middle of the fifth house or 0 Aries to 15 Leo.

PRO Ascendant @ 1a 31'02" Square (90) NATAL Sun/Moon Midpoint @ 1^ 34'58". Although I wasn't looking for this, it just happened to catch my eye. The progressed ascendant is in the natal fourth house. The Sun/Moon Midpoint is in the first house.

ARC Mercury @ 1^ 39'20" Semi-Square (45) NATAL Sun @ 16h 43'18". Solar Arc Mercury is in the natal first house. This aspect brings together the two rulers of the sixth house ruled by Leo with Virgo intercepted in the sixth.

ARC Venus @ 13_ 47'41" Opposite NATAL Jupiter @ 13e 45'05". Any Venus/Jupiter contact in a storm. Here the two benefics are brought together and remember natal Jupiter is in the eighth house conjunct the South Node.

ARC Neptune @ 29c 22'02" Sesquiquadrate (135) NATAL North Node @ 14_ 22'03". Neptune rules the intercepted Pisces in the 12th house. The 12th house contains the progressed MC.

Lunar Eclipse @ 00b 10' on 1-20-1981, no aspects within 4 minute orb.

This eclipse is achingly close to aspecting both President Reagan's natal Ascendant @ 00^ 00'20" and natal MC @ 00g 00'10".

Solar Eclipse @ 16h 02' on 2-04-1981, no aspects within 4 minute orb.

This eclipse is also quite close to President Reagan's natal Sun @ 16h 43'18".

There are no transiting aspects within four minutes of orb.

    Earlier in this article I asked "Do you think transiting squares from or to Mars, Pluto, Saturn or Uranus would be prominent? How about eclipses, do they indicate this kind of activity? Certainly the ascendant or mid-heaven or fourth or eighth houses should be activated. In cases involving health related deaths the sixth house should also be included."

    For ease of reference I have condensed the above chart information. It can be found in the Number of Aspects table, the Planetary Aspects table and the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction and Eclipses table. In addition I have included the U.S. Chart table as a crosscheck.

There are many things of immediate interest in the Number of Aspects table.

1. There are secondary progressed aspects for each event. There are not solar arc directions, eclipses nor transits for all events.

2. For five of the eight there are no transits happening at the time of death.

3. For two of the eight there are no solar arc directions happening at the time of death.

4. The Jupiter Saturn conjunction aspected only half the charts.

5. The Eclipses aspected only half the charts.

6. Secondary progressed aspects outnumber day of the event transits by more than five to one and outnumber the total of all transits by 60%.

7. Secondary progressed aspects outnumber solar arc directions by more than two to one.

8. It is typical when verifying personal charts to find an average of three progressed aspects in longitude or declination for each major event in a person's life. In the charts presented here that ratio holds true. Altogether there are eight charts with a total of 26 progressed aspects. That makes the average ratio slightly more than three aspects for each event.

9. The are "critical" degrees in declination for all but one event. The exception was President Roosevelt. His secondary progressed MC was at N 2248'. That is only 39 minutes of arc from the maximum.

    In the Planetary Aspects table, answers to the questions about which planets would be active are easily seen. The following list considers only the activating or aspecting planet.

1. Pluto, hiding out in the underworld, was conspicuously absent at the time of death in every case.

2. Mars was present in only four cases. The exceptions being Lincoln, Harding who died from natural causes, Garfield who died more from complications after the fact and perhaps most importantly Reagan who survived the assassination attempt.

3. Even benevolent Jupiter was judge in three trials.

4. The old curmudgeon Saturn has only shown himself twice.

5. Unpredictable Uranus made but one appearance.

6. Nebulous Neptune was involved four times. Yet two of those four were in Reagan's chart.

7. The Sun was an instigator four times.

8. Lunacy contributed but four times and two of those were in relation to a natural death.

9. The trickster Mercury was there three times.

10. Even sweet Venus seems to have escaped much blame, being present only once in Reagan's case.

    Once again the "critical" degrees in declination seem to be the only thread that runs through all the murders or deaths by natural causes. Yet in other charts of well-known people that I have looked at those critical degree declinations were not evident at the time of death.

    In addition the principal underlying factors are the angles and the houses that are activated. The recurring theme that runs through all the charts is the activation of the Ascendant-Descendant axis and or the MC/IC axis. And where applicable the sixth house in the cases of natural death or health failure. The eighth house was also frequently activated. The Ascendant-Descendant is of course our physical body and confrontations with other individuals. The MC/IC is the way we impact the outer world and how the outer world impacts our security. Neither the angles nor often, the house rulers would be correct with physical birth time charts.

    The Jupiter Saturn Conjunction and Eclipses table yields some pertinent information. The conjunctions and eclipses are scattered around but are to be found predominately in the natal angular houses. Since the angular houses represent areas where action is initiated this makes good sense but it is not conclusive. The Jupiter Saturn transiting conjunction cycle is about 20 years and does presently coincide with the zero year presidential phenomena, however its effect from a traditional interpretation is more indicative of the flux in business cycles.

    There does seem to be a 100 year pattern. Harrison and Roosevelt died of natural causes and were elected in 1840 and 1940 respectively. Lincoln 1860 and Kennedy 1960 were both assassinated by gunshots to the head. Garfield 1880 and Reagan 1980 were both shot in the chest. So far this is the extent of the comparison. McKinley 1900 was shot in the stomach while Bush 2000 has the Sun, Saturn and Ascendant in Cancer. Do these events represent a type of repeated pattern? Time will tell.

    There are some that would look to greater orbs, frequently a full degree when dealing with secondary progressions or solar arc directions. Yet increasing the orb only dilutes what should be readily apparent in charts that are cast for the proper time. Greater orbs also bring in aspects that are not applicable to the specific event. They signify events from an earlier or later time. Often aspects that form by secondary progression became exact before the actual event with which they are associated. These aspects are precursors to the event. They are "setting the stage" for the ultimate outcome. Aspects formed by the secondary progressed Moon, on average, must happen within about two calendar days of the event. The progressed angles and progressed inner planet aspects must happen within about three calendar weeks of the event. Solar arc directions must form within about three weeks of an event to be within the four-minute allowable orb. From this you can see that for many aspects the time span is within a calendar month of the event and it is frequently closer.

    In order to assure that my calculations and suppositions are correct it is a good idea to have a crosscheck. I have chosen the chart for the USA that I use. There should be supporting progressed aspects in the chart for the US that shows the death of its leader. Seven deaths and one attempted assassination must be present in any chart that truly represents this time in US history. The same criteria must also be used, that of a four minute maximum orb. This crosscheck works both ways. It will also verify that I have the correct chart for the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the birth of a nation. The information can be found in the U.S. Chart table. In all there are 31 aspects by secondary progression formed in the US chart . These 31 aspects are for eight events, an average of almost four aspects per event and typical for accurate chart verification. I did not list solar arc directions or transits in the table as that information is not really needed when using a verified chart. Throughout this table it is easy to see that once again it is the angles of the chart that are being activated. In every single case the natal or progressed ascendant and mid-heaven are being aspected.

What does this portend for our current president? Let's take a look.

    George W. Bush Chart was born in New Haven, Connecticut, Lat. 41N18'29" Long. 72W55'43" in the morning of July 6th, 1946. His spiritual birth time was 5:31:57 AM EST or 5:39:10 AM True Local Time.

    Let's face it folks George W. Bush does not have Leo on the Ascendant. The difference in his appearance and demeanor compared to his predecessor, who granted has the Sun in Leo, should be readily apparent. That said, this is what I found by looking into the next eight years.

    The first thing I looked at was the secondary progressed angles. His ascendant's declination is decreasing and will not reach the maximum "critical degree" in a full normal life span. The secondary progressed MC's declination was @ N 21 02' as of November 2000 and increasing. At that time it was parallel his natal Saturn @ N 21 03'. This aspect is the reason I picked him to be the next president. Additionally, on the 15th of December 2000 his progressed Moon, ruler of his ascendant @ 12d 57' was conjunct his progressed Mars, ruler of the MC @ 12d 57'. Al Gore did not have any aspects to his MC at election time, using a verified chart. Bush's MC will reach N 22 14' declination by January 20, 2009. That is more than a full degree and many years from reaching the maximum @ N 2327'.

    Over the span of eight years the North Node will travel from Cancer to Aquarius. The eclipse patterns in the preceding charts were not conclusive. It would be difficult to say which if any might be an indicator in George Bush's chart. The next eclipses fall at 13 Capricorn and 28 Cancer. While the 13 Capricorn lunar eclipse is close to opposing his Sun it is beyond four minutes of orb. The 28 Cancer solar eclipse is in his first house but more than 130' from his natal Saturn at 26 Cancer. The solar eclipse is also well outside the four minutes of orb to form a 15 degree aspect to his natal Sun. As previously noted the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction does not aspect his chart.

    It would seem that President Bush has nothing to worry about, because in every single case of death by assassination, either the ascendant or mid-heaven was very near maximum declination. Even the deaths by natural causes included the same indicator and since he is a relatively young man health issues seem unlikely.

    Since the Moon rules President Bush's ascendant it will form many aspects by secondary progression over the next four to eight years. Mars rules his MC, Saturn his seventh, Venus his fourth and Saturn/Uranus his eighth house. Progressions by these planets will form aspects in longitude and declination in the next four to eight years. I think that without the "critical" declination being present and no clear "planetary aspect signature" emerging from the previous examples, President Bush is assured an assassination free term in office. It seems certain then that "Tecumseh's Curse" has finally been lifted for this president. Perhaps the fact that the Jupiter Saturn conjunction cycle is moving out of earth signs signals an end to the 160 year old curse. In 2020 I will have to check that new president's chart to tell for sure.

    Interpreting an astrological chart has often been called an "Art". To me this is a bit of a misnomer. The word should be craft or possibly talent. Art is a fine word to describe individual original creativity but seems misapplied when used in this context. Perhaps I am being a bit too semantically inclined. Never the less chart interpretation is a skill that calls for juggling a myriad of different factors in order to derive a reasonable answer to the question "What does this symbol filled circle really mean"? A sound foundation in astrological fundamentals, a good dose of insight, a touch of psychic ability and a dash of inspiration make a powerful combination in those that excel at our craft. But let us not forget that there is another side to astrology. There is a side that is often forgotten in this age of inexpensive computers and readily available software.

    Astrology is also a science. The calculations that are hidden in those powerful programs are capably of a high degree of precision. They include high level mathematics and orbital mechanics. It behooves us as astrologers to take advantage of this power. Many astrological programs today have the ability to compute horoscopes to a single second in time. They also allow longitude and latitude to be entered in seconds of arc. Yet how many of you take advantage of these features? Since physical birth times are always in doubt as to accuracy, whole minutes of time are usually used. And "Since the time is in question why bother with accurate locations?" is a question that I have often heard asked. The reason is our science of astrology. Just think how much more can be gleaned from a symbol filled circle by a person possessing the above mentioned, powerful combination of abilities, when such a person focuses their talent upon a correct and verified chart. The information then obtained is astounding. Please do not settle for center city coordinates, unless you or your clients were born in city hall. Do not accept approximations of times. Each of us has a time and a place that can be measured with great accuracy.

    Many of you have probably heard the story of the soon to be father, with accurately set watch in hand, frantically trying to time the birth of his newborn. Today he would be better served by having a portable GPS receiver in hand to get the location of birth fixed with precision. It would take only moments and then his time would be free to attend his wife and their new arrival. After a reasonable period of time, in which to observe the new arrival to the family, the correct spiritual birth time may be determined.

    At this time I should also point out the fact that in all the chart work I do I use geocentric latitude. Geocentric versus geographic latitude is a debate of fairly long standing. In the above presidential chart data the supplied latitudes are geographic. My astrological calculation programs, by selecting the proper option, automatically convert the entered geographical latitude to geocentric latitude. You will note the latitude differences in the charts that accompany this article. Why is this important? Because at 40 north or south latitude the difference between geographic and geocentric latitude alters the ascendant by about 11'30" of arc, nearly three times the allowable four minute orb. The intermediate house cusps are also altered. For the astrological charts that I cast and in the astrological work that I do, geocentric latitudes must be used.

    While aspects from transiting planets to natal charts in the above examples were occasionally evident there were only five total transiting aspects in eight different charts. Transits are like the weather. When it rains, it rains on everyone, their value as personal astrological indicators is often of little value or of no consequence. Transit are not personal, they indicate the overall unfolding development of the conditions in our solar system and here on our planet Earth. Yet it is true, when it rains some people get wet. Some people have automobile crashes because of slippery roads and some people are thankful because the rain is watering their lawns or crops. Some people who are closed up inside didn't even know it was raining. And some people have actually been seen singing in the rain.

Fred Bickum
April 2001

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