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Monroe John Wilner

April 29, 1925 December 11, 2004

Monroe John Wilner
April 29, 1925 December 11, 2004

Mr. Wilner preferred and known as John was a third generation astrologer. He started his astrological studies at the age of 15. John learned the basics from his grandmother and mother during the sweltering summer days in southern Florida.
His service as a radioman in WWII aboard merchant marine ships took him to many places around the world. It was during this period that John was able to visit many places, including such exotic locals as the Great Pyramids. This visit kindled in John an interest in many metaphysical topics. Besides his astrological studies John also did a great deal of research on the pyramids.
After the war John entered Georgia Institute of Technology where he receive a degree in electrical engineering. His path led him to a long-term career with Hughes Aviation.
John did not invent "Spiritual Birth Times". During a stay in New York City in 1948 John received individual training by Sydney Lamar a well known astrologer and musician of the time. Under Mr. Lamar's tutelage John learned a new method of determining the only true and correct time to be used for the erection of personal horoscopes. After researching and writing about Edgar Cayce, John coined the term for the method he had learned "Spiritual Birth Times".
While busy with a growing family and a successful career John was able to make the time to convert the information he received into a precise and easy to use computer program. INCARN was the result of a 25-year effort. At the time of its initial release INCARN was the most precise and accurate astrological calculation program available in the world.
As time passed he was also busy at research and writing. John has had numerous books, pamphlets and articles published. "Astrological Revelations" and "The Perfect Horoscope" were two of his seminal works dealing with Edgar Cayce and the concept of "Spiritual Birth Times".
Mr.Wilner was a proponent and advocate of using high precision in all work related to astrology. He was a meticulous researcher and talented writer of what is at times a difficult subject to master.
At the time of his passing John was just finishing a new book about the correct horoscopes for all the Presidents of the United States. He had also started a book about the Great Pyramids.
John Wilner had membership in many different groups, among them both the American Federation of Astrologers and the National Council for Geocosmic Research.
His books and pamphlets are still available through either Amazon or the American Federation of Astrologers. INCARN, now updated is available as Incarn2 from Fred Bickum through SBAstro.com.
His five children survive Mr. Wilner.

M. John Wilner
Spiritual Birth Time exactly 8:16:56 PM EST
DOB April 29, 1925
Exact Latitude 27 N 56'55"
Exact Longitude 82 W 28'07"
Near Tampa, Florida

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