Page updated December 30, 2011

Hello World and welcome to INCARN 2 Version 2.1

This program contains the original planetary calculation routines developed by John Willner.
The Incarn2 program has a graphical user interface, developed by Fred Bickum.
The data entry boxes are similar to those used in most Windows type programs.
It is possible to start the program one time and then do many different calculations.
Each different calculation creates a new text window containing the newly generated data.

The text files generated by the program can be saved in standard ".txt" format.
This format is recognized by all word processing programs.
The saved ".txt" files can be edited in any word processing program.

The basic chart calculation data can be saved in the ".dat" format.
The ".dat" file contains a text string. These files can be opened in any word
processing program. However, the data in the file and the arrangement of the data must
not be altered or the file will not work.

I recommend that you create an Incarn2 Charts folder in your My Documents or Incarn2
folder. In that folder you can create a seperate folder for each person and save
the "Name.txt", "Name.dat", and "Name.QCK" files. You should save each of these
as soon as calculated.

****Special Notes:
Incarn2 does not automatically adjust for daylight savings or war times.
You must correctly convert these variations to the standard time of the time zone
for the chart.

Incarn and Incarn2 frequently generate some charts that are only very small fractions
of time different, tenths to thousanths of a second. This creates charts that have
the same house cusps but with slightly different T Values(fraction of a century).

For example T = 00.488551490515192 and T = 00.488551490515128
The leading two digits 00. = the century
The first two digits following the decimal .48 = the year
The next two digits 85 = 1/100th of a year, approx. 4 days
The next two digits 51 = 1 hour, approx.
The next two digits 49 = 1/100th of an hour, approx. 1 minute
The next two digits 05 = 1/100th of a minute, approx. 1 second
The last five digits 15192 = 1/100,000th of a second

I have eliminated these chart duplications in the Export Chart Data function.
Therefore the actual number of charts data exported will frequently be less than
the number of charts calculated in Incarn2.
All the charts are still calculated and displayed in Incarn2.
A "Chart #" has been added for each chart. These numbers signify the original order
in which the charts are calculated. To make it easier to scan, the charts are displayed
and printed in the order of decreasing time. The chart with the latest time, MC, ASC ,etc.
are at the top of the list.

Next to the "Chart #" is the Zone time for the chart. This is the time to use for
calculating the chart in other astrological programs. Since astrology programs
do not provide the ability to use decimal fractions of a second, the charts
calculated by the use of the Zone time can be incorrect by up to one half second
in time.
This will alter the MC and ASC by a few seconds of arc.

Input Data ".dat" files saved in previous versions of Incarn2, V1.10 and earlier, will
not work in V 2.0. An upgrade to Incarn2 V 2.0 is US $10.

The Menu bar contains the few controls for the program.
The File menu.
New----------------------Loads Input Data Dialog for a new chart calculation.
Load Input Data----------Loads previously saved basic calculation data.
These files are in the "*.dat" format.

Save As------------------For saving calculated charts as standard text files.
Save Current Input Data--For saving input data in the ".dat" format.
This allows you to save data input information and later reload that
information, using the Load Input Data menu command. This is very
useful for storing the information of frequently used charts.

*New in V1.20 and later
Export Chart Data--------Exports Incarnation chart calculation data ONLY.
The export file is the ".QCK" format. Most modern astrological
programs including WinStar V2.05, SolarFire V5 and Kepler V6
recognize ".QCK" files. Check your astrologigal software documentation
for instructions on how to import the data.

The Print Menu is located in the Document Window not in the Main Window
Printer Setup--------------Select which printer to use.
Print Preview--------------Shows how the printout will look
The Print Priview Dialog has a Print button

The Options menu
Minutes and Seconds------Toggles between different numerical formats.
When checked the format is 03 Aries 07' 09.7''
Minutes, seconds and tenths of seconds.
When un-checked the format is 03 Aries 07.2'
Minutes and tenths of minutes (rounded).

The Help menu
Help---------------------This text file

Calculations are restricted to the time period AD1753 to AD2050.
The reason for this restriction has to do with time. Specifically what is called in
astronomy "Delta Time". The earth's rotational speed varies. Unfortunatly the value
of this variation is not accuratly know prior to AD1620. Calculating the current
"DeltaT" can only be done by direct observation. The variation in the earth's
rotational speed is neither consistant nor constant.
In recent history the value has changed from positive to negative and back to positive.
For example:
AD 1620 DeltaT = + 121.00 seconds
AD 1880 DeltaT = - 5.5 seconds
AD 1998 DeltaT = + 63.0 seconds
For the time period AD 1620 to AD 1998 these values are known.
Astronomers and mathematicians have created formulae that are a best fit for these
variations outside of the above time range. From AD 1998 into the near future
this rate of change seems to be consistant enough to use the available formula.
Since aquiring accurate birth and event data prior to AD 1620 is very difficult
the formula for the pre-AD 1620 time period is not included in the programming code.

Incarn2 uses only Placidus house cusps.
Placidus house cusps cannot be calculated for latitudes greater than 66° 33'15" @ AD 1950.

****Special Note:
It is not possible to enter fractions of seconds in the Input Dialog Box.
Therefore a Standard Chart thus calculated can vary by up to one half second
in time from the charts in the Incarn2 routine. This will alter the MC and ASC by a
few seconds of arc.

In order to use the "Progressions" and "Solar Returns" an incarnation chart must first be
created. Once the correct Spiritual Birth Chart is determined, use its time to create
a Standard Chart. Save that data as a ".dat" file. Then "Progressions" and "Solar Returns"
can be done to that chart. The "Progressed / Solar Arc" date box is used for entering
the desired date.

You can add an "Event Name" to the print out of either chart type by entering the
appropriate information in the "Event Name" text box.

****Special Note:
Incarn2 uses the Naibod in Right Ascention method for secondary progressions of the angles.
There are numerous other types of secondary progressions for the angles.
Solar Arc in Longitude
Solar Arc in Right Ascention
Naibod in Longitude
As well as numerous other types of individually determined intervals.
In order to duplicate the results found with Incarn2 you must use
the Naibod in Right Ascention method in other astrology programs.
Winstar does not provide the Naibod in Right Ascention method.
Solar Fire and Kepler do provide the Naibod in Right Ascention method.

For a solar return the program will automatically create a solar return
for the closest birthday to the date you set in the "Progressed / Solar Return" date box.
It is best to use the actual birthday date for which you want the return.
The Solar Return chart uses the natal house cusps not the return house cusps.

Additionally the information contained in this help window is contained in a seperate
"Help.txt" file. This file can be opened in any word processing program so that you
can make additions to the text.

If you have any questions regarding the use of this program you can contact me at

Take care,
Fred Bickum

Latest Up Date 11/21/2002 V1.00
Add Load Input Data
Add Save Current Input Data
Change Print routines

Latest Up Date 1/25/2003 V1.10
Add Default Chart to File menu
Add Make Current Data Default to Options Menu
Change Minutes and Seconds option to hold last toggled value
Add four files

Latest Up Date 8/19/2003 V1.10
Fix bug in sort routine.

Latest Up Date 9/09/2003 V1.10
Fix bug in progression routine.

Latest Up Date 4/17/2004 V1.10
Fix 2 bugs in calculation routine.

Latest Up Date 4/24/2004 V1.10
Alter Horoscope routine.

Latest Up Date 5/15/2004 V1.20
Version change
Interface restructured
Additional feature: Export Chart Data in ".QCK" format.
Correct GMT and TLT calculations.
Correct progression and solar return calculations.

Latest Up Date October 28, 2007 V2.0
Update program code to Microsoft's Visual Basic 2005.

Latest Up Date December 25, 2011 V2.1
Update program code to Microsoft's Visual Basic 2010.
Fix minor bugs in user interface.