Who Will Win 2012

The question is: "Who will win the Presidential Election of 2012 ?"


Once again Barack Obama's birth data presents a problem, possibly. His mother was an American citizen at the time she married his father, a natural citizen of Kenya, in Hawaii. But now there are conflicting reports about the time Barack was born, the location or country of his birth and even the date. For more information see 2008. Or any of the numerous reports generated by various people and from various sources on the internet.

Much of this conflict is the result of a number of factors.

As before Obama's citizenship status is not at question. By now that question seems a moot point. His mother was an American citizen at the time of his birth, therefore he has the right to claim American citizenship. But possibly not legally. My difficulty is the date and location. These two factors are needed to calculate any astrological chart, as well as the time. So if he was not born in a hospital or somewhere in Honolulu, Hawaii but somewhere in Kenya that makes a big difference in the chart cast. Of course if the date is different as well then everything changes.

Given the above information and until something more substantial surfaces I will go with the information provided by Obama's website. Even though the chart cast shows a Mercury & Sun square Neptune for Barack Obama.

Note: While there are questions regarding Barack Obama's birth information there is some evidence astrologically that confirms the birth data. Michelle LaVaughn Obama nee Robinson, his wife, was born on January 17, 1964 in Chicago, Illinois. That means her Sun is at approximately 26° 30' Capricorn. Based on Barack's SBT chart his natal Saturn is at 25° Capricorn in the 1st house and his Part of Marriage is 24° Capricorn, also in the 1st house.

The birth data for the two main contenders is below.

Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

DOB Aug 04, 1961 07:24 PM AHT

Somewhere in Honolulu, Hawaii

21 N 18' 02"

157 W 47' 31"

Location data for Barack Obama is based on Honolulu center city co-ordinates only.

Willard Mitt Romney

DOB March 12, 1947 09:51 AM. Many have altered this to 10:00 AM.

Harper Hospital

Detroit, Michigan

Positional data is from the hospital website.



This results in the following:


Physical Birth Time(PBT) ASC = 18 Aquarius 06' 04" [Chart]

Spiritual Birth Time(SBT) ASC = 12 Carpricorn 53' 47" [Chart]


Physical Birth Time(PBT) ASC = 00 Gemini 50' [Chart] Based on 9:51 AM

Spiritual Birth Time(SBT) ASC = 00 Aries 47' 23" [Chart]

Since I deal in accuracies of 4 minutes of arc or less for secondary progressions it is necessary to have a precise location for the birth. That is why I have included, if possible, the hospital.

The verifying process has previously been done with both charts.

I always use Placidus houses.

Certainly as auspicious an occasion as being elected to the Presidency of the United States will require an activation of the tenth house.

Applicable aspects are highlighted in red.

This year the election is on the 6th of November 2012. I used 11:59 PM EST for the progressions, because this corresponds to the close of the polls in California at midnight EST.

What is happening in Obama's chart in the time frame of this year's election? Let's see.

1. Progressed Mars at -09° 45' 08" South is parallel natal MC at -09° 46' 08" South. This is an aspect of declination at 01' orb applying and probably the single strongest aspect on election day in Obama's chart.

2. Progressed Sun at 2° Libra 04' 11" is semisextile progressed at Venus 2° Virgo 06' 39", ruler 10th.

3. Progressed Venus 2° Virgo 06' 39", ruler 10th is semisextile natal Mercury at 2° Leo 08' 47".

The following two aspects are very slow moving and within 4' orb for many years.

4. Progressed Uranus at +12° 42' 29" North is contraparallel natal Neptune(posited in the 10th) at -12° 41' 46" South.

5. Progressed Saturn at -21° 40' 39" South is contraparallel natal Venus at 12° 41' 46" North. Note that this aspect was in orb at the time of the 2008 election. Since the progressed Saturn is Rx and near a station it's delination changes very slowly.

What is happening in Romney's chart in the time frame of this year's election? Let's see.

1. Progressed MC at -10° 19' 55" South is parallel natal Mars at -10° 16' 36" South. The aspect is applying.

2. Progressed ASC at 23° 26' 11" North is contra-parallel natal MC at -23° 26' 43" South. This is an aspect of declination at 32" orb applying and the single strongest aspect on election day in Romney's chart.

3. Progressed Pluto at 24° 00' 42" North is parallel natal Pluto Rx at 24° 02' 28" North. This aspect is applying. At the approximate age of 42 Romney's progressed Pluto went direct. This aspect does not involve the MC and is slow moving, long term.

4. Progressed Moon at 00° 22' 52" North is parallel natal ASC at 00° 18' 51" North. The aspect is right at 4' 01" of arc and seperating. It does not involve the MC directly but the Moon is the IC ruler and by progression in the natal first house and Aries.


To be in the running as President of the USA requires a very strong person and a very strong chart to go with that person. Interestingly enough Obama does not have an interception. Romney has three planets intercepted in the 12th. It is the house of service in large institutions.

While both charts show activation of the MC, which is stronger and offers more support? Personally I like to see a direct activation of either the natal or progressed angles(preferably the MC) in either longitude or declination.

John Wilner did not use minor aspects of less than 45° or the Nodes in his analysis. The Incarn program calculates the mean node.

John always placed an emphasis on the slowest moving aspects. He, like many, thought that the slower the movement the more powerful its affect. Normally the slowest planet by progression in longitude and declination is Pluto. No surprise there. But does that mean that it is has the most power? I would say yes. Also is an aspect that is closer to exact exert a more powerful influence? Since these aspects are at about 05' arc or less it might seem a moot point to say which is the strongest. But again I would say yes to the closeness factor.

From the charts in my Tecumseh's Curse article and a couple of others, all presidents or candidates, I found some interesting "Presidental Signatures" in the natal charts.
Mercury/Mars/Pluto combinations.
Obama has: Nothing
Romney has: Mercury conjunt Mars inconjunct Pluto.
Extremes in declination.
Obama has: Nothing
Romney has: Pluto out of bounds at 24° plus and MC at 23° 26' 43".
Cardinal Angles
Both have Cardianl Angles
Aquarian Signature
Obama has: Nothing
Romney has: Venus in Aquarius in the 11th house.

Following your own guidelines or John Wilner's: 4' orb(John often stated that this orb was subjective on his part), parallels of declination and aspects, who would you say will be elected president.
Your choice: (Fill in the blank)

As per John Wilner's guidelines Barack Obama has three viable aspects, Pro Mars parallel natal MC, Pro Saturn(ASC ruler) contra-parallel natal Venus(MC ruler) and Pro Uranus contra-parallel natal Neptune(posited 10th house).

And two for Romney. Interestingly Romney's chart shows very similar aspects with Pro MC parallel natal Mars(ASC ruler) and Pro ASC contra-parallel natal MC. As the ruler of the IC the Moon parallel ASC aspect might be considered valid in addition.

While Obama's Mars/MC aspect is closer at 01' of orb, Romney's ASC/MC aspect is near exact at only 32" orb.

Is there a dilemma here? Romney's near exact aspect is the closest, involving both angles and in extreme declination. Obama's Saturn/Venus combination is slow and powerful but seperating. His Saturn stations at about age 54, just a few years from now.

This is a difficult decision to make. The uncertainty of Barack Obama's birth data means I am taking a calculated risk in assuming the chart I have for him is correct and therefore any prediction of this election questionable.

I wish I could be sure. Based on the information about the two candidates and the data available I would say that Obama's three activating aspects outweigh Romney's two. Should Romney win I would attribute that to incorrect data about Obama. If Obama wins then his chart and the data I have used are most certainly correct.


Obama PBT Chart


Obama SBT Chart


Obama 2012


Romney PBT Chart


Romney SBT Chart


McCain 2008

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