Who Will Win 2000

The question is: "Who will win the Presidential Election of 2000 ?"


The birth data for the two main contenders is below.

Al Gore

DOB March 31, 1948 12:53 PM EST

Columbia Women's Hospital 2125 NW L St

Washington, D.C.

38 N 54' 14"

77 W 02' 50"

G.W. Bush

DOB July 6, 1946 7:26 AM EDT

Yale, New Haven Medical Center 20 York Road

New Haven, Ct.

41 N 18' 11"

72 W 56' 07"

Precise location data is used in my calculations

This results in the following:


Physical Birth Time ASC = 4 Leo 9' [Chart]

Spiritual Birth Time ASC = 29 Gemini 13' 34" [Chart]


Physical Birth Time ASC = 7 Leo 0' [Chart]

Spiritual Birth Time ASC = 26 Cancer 18' 26" [Chart]

Since I deal in accuracy's of 4 minutes of arc or less for secondary progressions it is necessary to have a precise location for the birth. That is why I have included the hospital.

Verifying a chart is always needed. It must be verified by at least three significant events. There must be secondary progressions, in either longitude or declination, within 4 minutes of arc for every major event in a person's life. At least one of those progressions must be to either the Asc or MC, natal or progressed.

After calculation (not rectification) the best chart for Al Gore, at the above birth place, gives his ASC as 29Gem 13' 14".

I always use Placidus houses.

The following provides, as verification, that I have the proper chart.

1. As of marriage date 5-19-1970, Progressed Moon sesquiquadrate Natal MC, exactly on marriage date.

2. As of election to House for the first time, 11-2-1976, progressed Mercury conjunct progressed Sun within 28" of arc. Also progressed Venus conjunct progressed Uranus within 40" of arc. Also progressed Neptune (co-ruler 10th) sesquiquadrate natal Venus within 15" of arc. By the time of the inauguration in January 1977 progressed MC contra-paralleled natal Neptune (co-ruler 10th) within 2' of arc.

3. When elected to the Senate for the first time, 11-6-1984, I found Progressed moon sextile Progressed Uranus within 3'50", this aspect was exact on 11-5-1984. Also progressed Mercury conjunct natal Venus within 3'51". And progressed Saturn trines progressed MC within 3'04" of arc.

4. As Gore became the new VP on 11-3-1992 I found progressed Mars trine natal Jupiter (ruler 10th), within 3'07" of arc. Certainly a fine indicator of having one's public image upgraded. Altogether from about mid August until the inauguration date there were 15 aspects that became exact.

Certainly as auspicious an occasion as being elected to the Presidency of the United States will require an activation of the tenth house.

This year the election is on the 7th of November 2000.

What is happening in Gore's chart in the time frame of this year's election? Let's see.

1. On Nov 12th and 13th, 2000 progressed Moon parallels first natal and then progressed Jupiter (10th ruler) in SOUTHERN declination. The two aspects form within 3' and 4' of arc, respectively on Election Day. Progressed Mars trines natal Moon within 24" of arc.

2. On Jan 1st, 7th and 13th 2001, progressed Moon contra-parallels natal Uranus, ASC, then progressed Uranus. On the 17th progressed Moon squares the MC and on Feb 23rd the progressed ASC conjuncts natal Pluto.

What can be surmised from the above data? I would say that the parallels in SOUTHERN declination of the Moon and Jupiter show a retirement from the public view. The square to the MC by the Moon is an indication of emotional let down, a failure or disappointment in the career. The final aspect of progressed ASC conjunct natal Pluto definitely shows a need to release the current persona and to rebuild self and self-image. A time to come to a new understanding of power and it's application. All things considered it does not bode well for VP Gore.

After calculation (not rectification) the best chart for GW Bush, at the above birth place, gives his ASC as 26Cancer18'26".

The following provides, as verification, that I have the proper chart.

1. On his marriage date, 11-5-1977, I found progressed DSC trine natal north Node within 8" of arc. Also I found progressed Mars contra-parallel progressed Neptune within 2' of arc.

2. On his election as Governor of Texas 11-8-1994, first term, I found progressed MC semi-square natal Sun within 16" of arc. And also progressed Mercury conjunct progressed Pluto within 1'42" of arc and progressed Sun entered the sign Virgo within 51" of arc.

3. Upon re-election 11-3-1998, I found progressed Venus contra-parallel progressed ASC within 3' of arc.

What does the election of 11-7-2000 hold in store for GW Bush? I will show you. Chart

1. Progressed MC parallel natal Saturn in NORTHERN declination within 1' of arc.

2. From about July 2000 until early February 2001 there are 15 aspects that become exact. These aspects do not form within the 4' limit that I set for the election date. However, 2 in particular, are within 4' of arc on inauguration day.

What do you think? To even be in the running as President of the USA requires a very strong person and a very strong chart to go with that person. Interestingly enough neither candidates' chart has an interception and both charts show the 5th-11th house axis to be the largest with the southeast-northwest quadrants the largest. In the last election my teacher predicted that Clinton would win based on one fact. Clinton's progressed MC was in northern declination, while Dole's progressed MC was in southern declination, that was the sole deciding factor between two strong charts. This time both candidates have their MC's in northern declination, Gore's is at about 12 degrees and Bush's is at about 21 degrees and both are still increasing. Without a doubt the parallel of MC and Saturn in northern declination and at such a high degree is a sure sign that Bush is entering a time of being in control and power. This should demonstrate to those of you who do not use declinations and/or do not even know what they are, that you are missing about 50% of the information that can be found in a natal chart. By progression, more aspects form in declination than in longitude and they are very meaningful.








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