John F Kennedy Jr.

The Correct Chart

JFK jr SBT Chart


This chart was calculated in SolarFire v5 and can readily be duplicated in any astrology program.

First the data:

Date of birth: Nov-25-1960

Physical Birth Time: 00:22AM EST

Spiritual Birth Time: 11:55:57PM EST(Nov-24-1960)

Latitude: 38N54'44"

Longitude: 077W04'27"

In General:

JFKjr is taller than average and slender. He has a long narrow face showing the influence of his Sagittarian Sun. Although the characteristic triangular head shape is not as evident as some, he still has the typical squared off chin and straight nose of the Virgin on the Ascendant. His dark wavy hair is a sure sign that some form of Scorpio is near the angle. Pluto at 8 Virgo is less than 130' away from his Ascendant. Picture

JFK's Virgo rising sign is not at question, only the degree. He was well known for his concern over matters of health and kept himself in very good physical condition.

The lack of an intercepted pair in his chart may be the reason he found it difficult, in his younger days, to find a fulfilling vocational persuit.

Pluto in the first house is a dynamic and magnetic personality, one who can easily commannd the attention of the opposite sex. He was well known as being gracious and self effacing. Also he was well known as being a big heart throb for thousands, if not millions of women. A twevelth house Pluto would not have had nearly as pronounced an effect on others. The Nodal axis in the first, seventh house pair also shows a natural understanding of the ways of people and how to deal with interpersonal relatonships. He was wise to wait until he had a bit of maturity under his belt before marriage, as the south Node in the seventh house can lead to giving up self for the partner.

With three planets in the third house there is once again an emphasis on comunicative skills, although a Neptune, Mercury pairing is always suspect. Just how far is that glib and articulate tounge going to go. It is not at all surprising that he had finally found an outlet for his ability to communicate creativly by starting a magazine of his own.

Jupiter in the fourth house of family and ancestry points to the large and wealthy group that surrounded him all of his life.

A Venus, Saturn conjunction in the fifth shows caution in love. A wise? parent who constantly cautioned him about getting involved with the wrong sort of women. It was well known that his mother disagreed with many of his choices, constantly steering him towards the right women, to be his wife. As we know, even though married in his mid thirties, after three years of marriage he still had no children.

The Moon is in the sixth house. This placement would indicate many different types of work or an inability to find stability in the work place. This was certainly true of Kennedy. He never really got started until July 1988 and was by then 28 years old. That job lasted only four years and he didn't do anything again until the start of his magazine. In the background his family's political envolvement was always lurking. There was a constant but subtle pressure, by many, to become politically active.

The eleventh house Mars makes a strong statement about the nature of his magazine. John would perhaps have prefered for the publication to be more "not as usual" than the way it was. It was often reviewed as being far less controversial than the image originally intended. He did go out on a limb a couple of times when critisizing his own family members.

A twevelth house Uranus. Surely JFK jr. had a desire to leave a legacy to humanity, something that improved or in someway bettered the lives of everyone. Unfortunatly his death was sudden and quite unexpected. Was "George" magazine the niche he finally carved out for himself? Or was it only another stepping stone. Perhaps, if circumstances were different his legacy would have been more than 24 hour a day coverage over an entire weekend about a small plane's unusual dive into the sea.

So is this really John F. Kennedy Jr.'s chart? If you look at the physical birth time chart, you will not see one significantly different than that which is presented here. John's Sagittarius Sun shines strongly through his Virgo Ascendant. The earlier time of a few minutes most noticably brings Pluto closer to first cusp. And of course the later chart could never produce the aspects found below.

Secondary progressions for these events can be found by using the Naibod Arc in Right Ascention to progress the angles and planets. The Naibod Arc in Right Ascention is the only method that can be used successfully for Spiritual Birth Times. I recommend SolarFire v5 or Kepler v6. WinStar in any version does not have the ability to do progressions in the proper form.



Degrees of Aspects are on the Day of the Event

Date of Exact Aspect

His father becomes
President of the US
Jan 20,1961

Daddy's leaving for work now.

Progressed Sun -2047'
Natal IC -2047'
Natal MC +2047'

Jan 21,1961

    Progressed Sun 3Sg05'30"
Natal MC 3Gm05'30"

Jan 21,1961

    Progressed Mercury -1338'
Natal Uranus +1337'

Dec 21,1960


His father is assassinated
Nov 22, 1963

Farewell JFK

Progressed Moon -212'30
in the eight house, inAries
Contra-Parallel(Geo Latitude)
Natal Mars -212'54"
ruler 8th, in Cancer

Nov 23,1963

  John's natal eight house cusp is at a critical degree, small wonder death played such an important role in his life. Progressed Saturn -2220'54"
Natal Eighth Cusp +2224'30
On Event Date

Trust becomes an issue
A bit wide to the event but the message is clear

Progressed Venus 15Cp28'29"
in the 5th house
Natal Saturn
in the 5th house
Jan 12,1964

Acting Debut
August, 1985
I was unable to find the exact day

Break a leg

Progressed MC 25Gm47'47"
Natal Uranus
in the 12th house, co-ruler 6th
August 13,1985
  He almost breaks free from the ties that bind
(There are five other Aspects that are
exact in the month of August,
these two seemed most appropriate)
Progressed Venus 11Aq17'40"
in the sixth, ruler 9th,2nd
Progressed ASC
August 17,1985

Mother Dies
May 19, 1994

Goodbye Mommy Dearest?

Progressed Moon 19Ta24'52"
Progressed Saturn
in the 12th house, co-ruler 6th

May 13, 1994


Neither of these aspects are as close
as I would like. The fact that his mother
died from cancer and not suddenly
probably meant that this event was not as impacting on his life.

Progressed Moon +1257'30"
Natal Neptune -1306'18

June 6, 1994


Sept 21, 1996

Me and you, babe!
As would be expected for a marriage the ASC/DSC axis is activated
Progressed Mercury 5Cp52'46"
ruler ASC
Natal Jupiter
co-ruler 7th

Sept 12, 1996


July 16, 1999

Short trips by air a good idea? Not! Progressed Mercury 10Cp22'12"
ruler ASC,IC
Progressed Uranus
co-ruler 6th

July 13, 1999

  This is the same pair that was activated when his father was murdered Progressed Moon -339'30"
Contra-Parallel(Geo Latitude)
Progressed Mars +344'24"

June 11, 1999

  An imminent brake-up? Progressed Venus -1350'54"
Progressed Uranus +1347'24"

Sept 7, 1999


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