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The Correct Chart

Arnold Birth Chart


This chart was calculated in Solar Fire v5 and can readily be duplicated in any astrology program.

First the data:

Date of birth: July 30, 1947

Physical Birth Time: 04:10 AM EET -2:00 (Daylight Savings Time Equivilent)

Spiritual Birth Time: 04:09:43 AM EET -2:00

Latitude: 47N05'

Longitude: 015E27'

In General:

One of the most fasinating things about Arnold Schwarzenegger's chart is the fact that there is such a small difference between the physical birth time and the Spiritual Birth Time. I speculate that Arnie has worked very closely with an astrologer in the past and had his chart verified. Who it is that might have done this I do not know. Mr. Schwarzenegger is well known for making plans and diligently working to fulfill his objectives.What many may not know is that he always made three year plans. A three year plan correlates to the Jupiter cycle of 11.8 years. One should plant the seeds of future objectives at each major phase of the Jupiter cycle and reap the rewards at the begining of the next phase. These phase are similar to the Sun-Moon cycle. Jupiter by transit starts with the conjunction at birth and approximately every three years forms, the waxing square(first quarter), the opposition(full), the waning square(third quarter) to it's natal position. Picture

The Piscean MC is definitly indicitive of Arnold's involvement in the movie industry. Neptune is angular and in the intercepted fourth-tenth house axis. The four-ten interception also points to a person who wants to be in charge. Aries intercepted in the Pisean ruled tenth shows the desire to be a warrior, even if only in the fantasy world of film. The angular Venus in the first house points to a person who is very body/image conscious.

When the Govenator made the announcment of his intention to run in the gubernatorial race he did it in a big way. Boldly he declared his intent on national television before an audience of millions. And he also had progressed Jupiter exactly trine his natal MC. This aspect was still in effect three months later when his progressed Moon trined his progressed MC and he was easily elected Govenor .

Arnold S Election


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